Fashionable and Comfy Jelly Shoes

Long before Crocs became a foot fad, jelly shoes were the “it” shoe to own. And if you are of the female anatomy, chances are you owned or were very close to someone who just had to have a pair.

Jelly shoes make the perfect accessory to add to a spring or summer wardrobe. Pairing a brilliant gold top, with plain burgundy shoes seems so passé, when you could jazz it up with a pair of burgundy jelly shoes and a light blazer instead.

Jelly shoes are so versatile that they can be worn to complete a casual outfit or be used to dazzle up a hot ensemble. They often have glitter infusions made into the material, so no matter the color, your shoe appears to have a jelly like sheen; hence the name “jelly shoes” was dubbed.

Elegant Jelly Burgundy Shoes

The history of jelly shoes

Jelly shoes are made from a PVC plastic material, which allows the shoes to be manufactured in virtually every color and bold pattern available. And with its almost rubbery, soft feel, this shoe is the perfect comfortable choice for spring or summer wear.

The jelly shoe is not native to American soil, having its origins in Brazil, a former banker seeking to invest in potential products for the United States of America, struck a deal with a small manufacturing company named Grendene. The banker agreed to distribute the Brazilian jelly shoe through the Southeastern Us by way of a company named Grendha.

The jelly shoe made its appearance in America at the 1982 Knoxville World Fair and quickly became a household favorite around the USA. Suddenly, the shoe that was once looked down and frowned upon by housewives and working class woman alike, had shifted and transformed into the “must have” shoe to wear and dress their children in.

Best Eco-Friendly Jelly Shoes

The jelly shoe today

Designers like Jimmy Choo, Givenchy and Moschino unveiling their new jelly shoe lines has the jelly shoe coming back on the scene with a vengeance. And with celebrities taking to the red carpet wearing none other than the beloved jelly shoe, everyone from children to doctors is on the hunt to obtain the latest and greatest new jelly shoes hitting stores.

Being bold with colors such as pairing burgundies and browns with greens and yellows, can be a cinch when you throw in the perfect jelly shoes.

Top brands of jelly shoes

Some top selling jelly favorites on the market today are:

Peep Toe Flats

  • Gucci Marola Plastic Flats
  • Andres Machado Sandals
  • Chinese Laundry Northern Lites Manmade
  • Office Cassava Jelly Red Rubber
  • .J. Maskrey Mellisa Shoes Spider Diamante Clear

Wedge and Heel Jellies

  • New Woman Girl Jelly Hollow Platform Beach Sandals Heel Rain Shoes
  • Etsy Clear Pink 90s High Heel Jelly
  • Women’s Shiny Multi Dot Heeled Jelly Rain Boots

A pair of jelly shoes can run you anywhere from cheap to expensive depending on the brand, and even if burgundy shoes are your choice of preference, with jelly shoes, you can add a little sparkle to your feet.